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Crime Scene

Tampa Fire Restoration can handle all your cleanup needs after an accident or trauma.

Accident Scene Cleanup Services

When your home or business has been affected by an accident, trauma, or violent crime, it needs to be cleaned-up as quickly as possible and Tampa Fire Restoration will take care of everything for you. We concentrate on all of the complicated and delicate aspects of cleaning so you can focus on your family and you.

We are knowledgeable, trained professionals who will assume this burden for you.

Tampa Fire Restoration has caring, empathetic and professional staff that will help by cleaning up quickly and effectively. Our professional technician will be on the spot to provide you with an accurate assessment and will thoroughly explain our step by step work process individually tailored for the cleanup. We will take our time so you are fully informed and on board with our work and the timeline.

A failure to properly and safely remove all biological and chemical contaminants can pose serious health issues for occupants, employees, customers and owners. Blood, tissue, and bodily fluids present a risk that must be attended to promptly. Our professionals work efficiently to cleanse even the most embedded materials. This is a delicate process, and we understand the risks. Hepatitis, HIV, and many other pathogens that occur in bio-hazardous materials must be cleaned appropriately. Safe disposal of removed waste is essential following all medical and legal requirements of state and local regulations.

In addition to bio-hazards, there are often other concerns associated with crime scenes that require professional assistance. Crime scenes can leave odors, chemicals from the police investigation, vandalism, and host of other issues.

For these reasons, this work is best performed by professionals trained in crime and trauma scene cleaning who know how to protect current residents of the property. Many insurance policies will reimburse for this work if done by professionals.

This work encompasses:

  • Assessment and inventory of the accident or crime scene
  • Secure the property and protect the unaffected areas
  • Structural cleaning
    • Removal of all biological and chemical contaminants
    • Properly dispose of all waste
    • Sanitize and disinfect the complete property
  • Odor removal and deodorization of the building
  • Content cleaning – On and offsite

With Tampa Fire Restoration you are guaranteed quick work, compassionate cleanup technicians and a fully-cleaned, safe property. Our crime scene cleanup team will work with investigators to make sure that no evidence is destroyed or tampered with, while still making sure your property is cleaned and all of you content and valuables are protected. We will take care of everything so you can have piece of mind.


Damage to your belongings and home may not be as severe as a fire or water loss, but vandalism may be severe and life threatening. The longer you wait for restoration services the more detrimental the damages can be.

Vandalism comes in many forms and the loss it causes in damage can vary greatly in damages. Whether it is the result of a misguided prank or an intentionally harmful act, Tampa Fire Restoration can erase the trace of defacement and restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Our experienced professional team has the resources and training to clean and restore any level of vandalism from graffiti removal to hazardous materials containment and disposal. Our professionals can help you re-establish your home to safety and cleanliness so you can get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Our vandalism services include:

  • Assessment and inventory of the accident or crime scene
  • Fire and soot removal from structure and content
  • Water damage cleanup
  • Spill removal from inks, paints and other substances from contents and structure
  • Removal of stains from hard surfaces and soft surfaces like carpet and fabic
  • Safe broken glass removal
  • Deodorization from food or alcohol contamination
  • Debris Removal

Whether your home was broken into or has suffered structural damage as the result of vandalism, we'll help you clean up, secure and restore your property quickly, professionally and respectfully. If your home of business is unsafe or unsecure, we'll send our 24/7 team to secure your property and to eliminate any unsafe conditions. When windows or doors have been damaged and are unsecure, we'll board them up or repair them to provide you with a safe and secure environment.


We can remove graffiti from the following surfaces: metal, glass, masonry, brickwork, walls, blackboards, metals and woods. Often, these can be cleaned without any need for any reconstructive work.

Our professional team of cleanup, recovery and restoration experts is certified successfully completing specialized training in the field of restoration and recovery. We employ the latest equipment, products and technology and constantly update our knowledge and skills through a program of ongoing training and recertification. We also have the knowledge, experience and compassion required to provide a professional and respectful approach to all cleanup, recovery, restoration and renovation services.

For more information on Fire Damage repair in Tampa, please call Tampa Fire Restoration at
Toll Free: (855) Fire-Damage (347-3326), or email us at info@Tampafirerestoration.com.




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